About The Hooping Harlots

The Hooping Harlots’ vibe
Send in The Hooping Harlots! Swirling, twirling, over the head, around the leg, swooping and loop the looping hula hoops any way you can imagine! With dazzling tricks and playful winks The Hooping Harlots bring an interactive experience, sprinkled with glitter and charm, to all sorts of occasions.

We are a Manchester-based troupe of colourful, glittery hula hoop performers.  This blog is dedicated to our adventures.

We like to party
Having performed at festivals, club nights, corporate events, community days, processions, hen parties, birthday parties, launch parties, little peoples parties, it’s fair to say that we love getting involved in any sort of bash! We work with party starters to tailor our service to the event, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, for adults or kids.  Whatever the weather, we’ll always be in full Hooping Harlot attire – a circus celebration of colour, glitter and more is more!

What we bring to the party
We come with a rainbow of hoops to spin and encourage guests to make the most of the opportunity and have a go themselves.  We love our performances, workshops and walkabout hooping, especially when we’re doing our super special LED and fire performances for the most magical of effects.

Contacting The Hooping Harlots
We hope you enjoy this blog, it’s our way of sharing and documenting the fun that we have at the interesting places that hooping takes us.  If you’d like to find out about how we could fabulous-up your event, Hooping Harlot-style, then feel free to get in touch at thehoopingharlots@gmail.com.

Happy Hooping,
The Hooping Harlots.

The Hooping Harlots at BOMfest

Image above of The Hooping Harlots at Bomfest by Christine Keating
Image in header of The hooping Harlots performing at Guilty Pleasures by Nathan Cox.


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