Festival fashion, Hooping Harlot style

Well the Great British Summer is upon us, and us Hooping Harlots are well into the Great British Festival Season! We’ve been lucky enough to swirl our hoops at some of the best, like Gottwood, Parklife, Beacons and Kendal Calling so far this year, with Festival No 6, Audiofarm, Pride and Unknown still to come.

Harlequin-style at Gottwood

Harlequin-style at Gottwood

Bringing some Hooping Harlot glitz to Parklife

Bringing some Hooping Harlot glitz to Parklife

It seems that this year in particular the questions people want answering the most are about our outfits.  Which is mega flattering because we lovingly make our own leotards in a process which involves a fair amount of vital statistics, spandex, knicker elastic and concentration; you can see the 6 econd summary of this in our vine:

If you’re in need of some colourful, eclectic kit quicker, check out our top Hooping Harlot picks from boohoo.com to get you festival-ready in a flash…

Take a staple colour that pops

Fran Bustier Strappy Playsuit boohoo.com

Mix with a bold pattern

maida diamond mono leggings boohoo.com

Add in texture and warmth

aimee shaggy fur coat boohoo

Plus essential flats in fabulous metallic

Jessica Metallic Slip On Flat boohoo

A splash of sparkle to make hoops spin faster

glitter nail polish

All tied together with a cute bow

liz striped bow headband boohoo

And a poncho in the bag – clear ones mean your outfits full fabulousness can still be admired in the rain!

disposable pink poncho boohoo

Enjoy festival season! Have you got any top tips for fabulous festival fashion to share with us? We’d love to know what you think, let us know in the comments below.

Need a list to check off for your festival packing? The Hooping Harlots festival packing list

Want some Hooping Harlot eclectic electro swing to pack your stuff/ get ready/ hoop/ generally prance about to? The LED hoop and circus party is back in town – MIXTAPE ALERT


2 responses to “Festival fashion, Hooping Harlot style

  1. Love it Harlots, I want all that stuff! My tip is a BUMBAG – it takes a bit of organising to reduce your essentials down to fit in it, and colour is a careful consideration, but it means you are hands free for festival dancing!

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