Gay Icons

In short: there’s a big, fabulous disco going down in a Salford gym on the Mayday bank holiday weekend.  It’s called Drunk at Vogue.  Us Harlots will be in our highest  energy, glitzy workout-leotards, hooping in and amongst the fabulous creatures of the night.  We got together with Drunk at Vogue to create the inspo below as a taster. Enjoy.

Phew! Have a soundtrack to go with the lovely words from Greg Thorpe, DJ/ Promoter from Drunk at Vogue plus exclusive behind the scenes pics from the video shoot ahead of you…

Drunk At Vogue started out as a passionate disco in a back street dive in the Northern Quarter before heading for the bright lights of Manchester International Festival and Festival No. 6. Now, for one night only, Drunk At Vogue brings these two worlds of urban grit and festival vibes together for a huge party at Evolve Gym in Salford. As well as DJs, VDJs, drag queen boxing and all-night dancing against a ravey urban backdrop, we are proud to host the sensational Hooping Harlots who will bring just the right amount of gymnastic flare plus party-girl vibes to the Drunk At Vogue family. Carnival! Lycra! Glow in the dark hula hoops! These girls will be gay icons after this party. All aboard…!
Greg Thorpe

drunk at vogue

Hooping Harlots in the Drunk at Vogue gymnasium

Gay icon training session

Hooping Harlot Mel hoop performance

Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it

Miss Bee swirling

Strike a pose

Hooping + Vogueing

There’s nothing to it

Power Vogue-ing


Drunk at Vogue gymnasium party with The Hooping Harlots


And it would be rude not to include a reference to the Queen (below).  See you down by the front/ weights section, all you ladies with an attitude, fellas that are in the mood.

Get your tickets here: Skiddle

Drunk at Vogue HQ: facebook

Photography by Lee Baxter




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