The LED hoop and circus party is back in town – MIXTAPE ALERT

So this Friday 28th March it’s LED hoop party time once again down at our favourite shabby chic venue, Antwerp Mansion.  We’ll be indulging in the delights of hoops and circus toys upstairs in the grand ballroom – and you can join in for just £3.

Not only that, but our creative genius chief hooper Lucy Loop only went and done an eclectic mixtape to get you in the mood.  Have some electro swing sounds in your life…

Just a little reminder of why LED hoops are a very good thing indeed in the way of a few choice visuals…

Hooping Harlot Colette with LED twin mini hoops from

Mini LED swooping from Hooping Harlot, Colette

Hooping Harlot Andrea looping the loop with

Big showgirl LED hoop moves from Andrea (me)


the hooping harlots perform led hula hooping with

Swirling in sync with Bev from

All of our LED hoops are from so if you’re after some swirly, colourful, LED goodness of your own, check out the lovely Bev’s website to take your pick from her dazzling selection of hoops.  The Hooping Harlots ❤ Big Round Hoop.

Party info is here:

Read more about our parties and why we love the mansion here:

Plus get all the official Antwerp Mansion lowdown here:


PS: The Hooping Harlots encourage dressing up for every occasion.


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