Cabaret Regale variety show *video alert*

So this Saturday was a pretty special night for The Hooping Harlots: we had the honour of opening the Cabaret Regale variety show at Manchester’s own Dance House theatre.  The venue itself is a hidden gem, easily walk-past-able on Oxford road.  Originally built as a cinema in the 20s it still features many of its original art deco detail; the sumptuous surroundings are ideal for an evening of entertainment, with a selection of music, dance, comedy and physical acts providing delights for the senses.

As Hooping Harlots, putting on a good show goes with the territory.  When we’re swirling on an actual stage it’s a special one.  And when it’s the last performance for a while with our Chief Hooper/ founder/ visionary/ costume maker/ overall organiser and creative genius before she sets off to China to try out life there for a bit, it’s kind of a big deal.  With new outfits for the occassion, inspired by 1920s glamour to compliment with the venue, Lucy took our leotards to the next level.  Serious.  I felt like Christmas day personlified and draped in lycra/ velvet/ tassle form in my outfit.

Opening the show felt phenomenal.  As was being able to enjoy the rest of the acts for the rest of the evening.  Panella Mellor did an especially wonderful job of compering the all-female show, which formed part of the Women in Comedy festival.  The Hooping Harlots heart Panella’s humour and still graciously accept her post-performance marrige proposal.  To all of us.  Other highlights included our old time fave punk poet comedian Thick Richard, who appeared in drag as Amy Winehouse.  And what to say about sexbomb burlesque dancer Starla Bright – performing in, amongst other things, a giant box of popcorn to the sounds of Popcorn by Hotbutter: YES.

So yeah.  A beautiful night in a gorgeous venue with special people and out with a bang for Lucy.  Sublime.  We were lucky enough to have our opening performance filmed, so here for your viewing pleasure is The Hooping Harlots, 1920s glamour style, with new, boundary pushing leotards and much love for our soon-to-depart Lucy.  She’s the last hooper to perform in the video, if you were wondering.

We are going to put on a show.

Cabaret Regale
Women in Comedy
Starla Bright


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