Pieces of Parklife

Let’s indulge in a flashback to the vibe of Manchester’s own Parklife festival.  Ah, Parklife.  We performed on both sun-drenched days in full, colourful troupe get ups, swirling our hoops to sweet electronic beats.  This blog post is less about the words and what happened in a chronological order; citing specific sets and times, logging, categorising and breaking down fun.  Like our little video at the start of this post, it’s more about a hazy re-living of the feeling; a fond glance over the shoulder at the ambiance of the experience, with choice fragments of hooping and musical moments that we enjoyed.  This is your ticket to 20 minutes or so of zone out material to immerse yourself in some of the magic from the Parklife weekender.  Enjoy…

We premiered our new, harlequin look at Parklife. It seemed to go down well with the 10am traffic.

We premiered our new, harlequin look at Parklife. It went down well with the 10am traffic.


Getting glittered in the street. How we do.


Lucy double hooping, independently moving the top and bottom halves of her body a la Beyonce.

Hooping Harlot top tune, Lovework –  Black Light Smoke DJ T mix was played by the tree.  Big appreciation and moves followed.  As is only right; it may just be the best break up song ever, after all…


This guy was a natural. And well into having his photo taken.


Predatory hoop manouvres.


Hoops, party vibe, sunshine: check, check, check.


It’s fair to say that I was feeling it.


Day 2 fun and games with the Cirque duManc girls to the sounds of Riot Jazz by the main stage.

Riot Jazz – Saturate (Chemical Brothers cover) has festival feel-good all over it.  Tingly.




Toro Y Moi’s performance was a troupe highlight, So Many Details is an utterly sublime track with a captivating video to match:


Giving it a full on Mel on to Toro y Moi’s beautiful performance

Toro y Moi: swoooooooniiiiiiiiiiing.

Toro y Moi: swoooooooniiiiiiiiiiing.

P1120407A Hooping Harlot/ Cirque duManc cancan


Boss Lady, Sophie Bee, hi vis hooping
And we've always got time for some Four Tet

We’ve always got time for some Four Tet, especially when the floaty feeling of the sound is enhanced by balloons interacting with the crowd

A tune to properly lose yourself in is Love Cry; don’t even think about playing this anything less than loud.  Immerse yourself in this:

Hope you enjoyed a few of our choice Parklife moments.  We’re super chuffed to shake our stuff  in the official Parklife video from Mad Ferrit (Harlots Hooping take over at around 1:35 – YES!), you can check it here:

For an actual music review of Parklife, the fab drowned in sound version is here (http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4146534-parklife-weekender-2013-%E2%80%93-the-drowned-in-sound-review).  Shout out to David.  He says it all with…

As a climax to the day, we choose to snub Plan B for a trip towards the Tuneful Trees stage for a riot of ska, folk and bawdy tales with the excellent mutant folk of Gorgeous George, as we dance around swigging vodka with circus and burlesque performers to end the day. Frankly, I’ll take that kind of life…


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